Monday, September 19, 2005

Emmy Recap - A Guest Post

I was going to post a few thoughts on my Emmy viewing experince last night, but my friend Sara "Miss Diva" Erickson sent around her annual review before I could get my thoughts down. As hers, as usual, made me laugh outloud and captured some my sentiments to a tee, I thought I'd share her summary with you instead. Reprinted with her permission, here we go:

Earth, Wind & Black Eyed Peas opening abomination - I don't think that I can watch the rest . . . .

please Ellen make it better - mmmmm - not so much

VALIDATED - public appearance - Jen & Ben - aglow in the front row

and the evening gets Desperate - a TOUGH category - my fingers are crossed for Jeremy P and effin BRAD - nobody loves raymond - GARRETT - thank god that show is off the air!

wait a second - am I watching a rerun of last years show - Bill Shatner - AGAIN??!

Gwennie's mommy wins her first Emmy for a show that no one has ever seen

seriously - this show is so bad so far that I am just going to watch last week's Laguna Beach

Awkward moment #37: Ellen does a ventriloquist act. 'Nuff said.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Neil Patrick Harris & Chris O'Donnel - ladies and gentlemen we have officially scrapped the bottom of the barrel

did Katherine Joosten, winner of Best Guest Actress, raid Hefner's closet - what is with that smoking jacket

for some reason I am longing to be in the Bronx taking prescription drugs and playing Scrabble

DORIS ROBERTS - I haven't had enough to drink yet - her 4th Emmy for this role - she is joined on stage with her harem of underage boy servants

Johnny Carson tribute . . . . and over on the Surreal Life we find out that Janice Dickinson's father was a pedophile . . . . hmmmm what to watch

and the cast of Everyone Loves Raymond is funny for the first time ever - the Daily Show wins again (Emmy number 3 for Jen's cuz Steve Bodow) - once again I have to check and see if I am not watching last years show

ok - I know it has been happening all evening - this "Emmy Idol" and until now I have just used this time to refill my wine glass, but I am compelled to watch Macy Gray try and resuscitate her career - Chris calls her the gentle giant

Jewel's snaggletooth cousin, Patricia Arquette arrives on stage with rollers still in her hair

FINALLY someone new wins - JJ Abrams for "Lost"

you know when they show ads for new prescription drugs - and there is a disclaimer at the bottom saying that this product may cause drowsiness and oily discharge - well this telecast should have the same disclaimer

John Stewart is a funny man and Desperate takes an Emmy

start watching Arrested Development - funny comments from the writers who keep winning for a show that no one watches!

YAWN - all evening I have avoided calls from my mother (caller ID) and finally I am so bored by this telecast that I am compelled to answer her 3rd attempt - I am surprised to hear that she is drinking a beer - (her 4th this decade) - the Emmys are on in the background - go figure

a lovely tribute - to an unsung hero - the Anchorman

I am considering opening a second bottle of wine

a very funny Conan O'Brien gives an Emmy to Felicity Huffman - a Desperate upset - I actually sit up for the first time in over an hour!! YiPPiE!!

wow - an Arquette upset - note to self - only tune in for the last half hour of these things

and Tony Shaloub (whom went to high school with my Aunt - go Green Bay) wins an Emmy - more importantly Ray Romano didn't!

Nik Katopodis - opps I mean Jimmy Spader wins - thanking his mom for sitting thru the sex and weirdness - huh??

Another upset - LOST wins for dramatic series - a personal fav - I am thrilled - watch this show!!

Apparently somebody STILL loves Raymond - they take home an Emmy for Comedy for the LAST time - AMEN!!

and it is over as awkwardly as it began - we have made it thru another year!

a personal prediction for next year - "Breaking Bonaduce" will sweep it!

like I have always said - "I watch it - so you don't have too" and you are VERY welcome, 'cause this one was painful

much love,
Mrs E reporting from NYC

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