Monday, September 19, 2005


Everything I've been writing recently has been straight-up fiction. So tonight, when I sat down to write an autobiographical short story, it felt a little weird to be writing about myself again. It was a comic script too, so I had to describe what was going on with me in each scene, bascially explaining in detail what I was doing panel-to-panel. I was looking at myself in my minds-eye as a comic book character. So while writing things like "I take a step toward Jesse, who sits on the steps, a concerned look on my face." made me feel a little odd, describing my clothes and emotions and actions took a lot out of me as I was basically reliving this moment from my past for someone else to illustrate and eventually share with other people in comic book format.


yaritza17christy said...
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CeeCee said...

O_O Do you still live?