Saturday, September 17, 2005

Long Overdue SHIKI Update

Congrats to João, who has now set up a small studio outside of Lisbon with his friends Venâncio, Nuno and Tércio. Four amazing artists working together and driving each other to new creative heights can only lead to wonderful things for the art world! I just hope there's a couch so I have somewhere to crash when I visit.

Our work continues on SHIKI, which we're now thinking of launching in late spring/early summer 2006. It's a seasonal based story that we want to coincide with the weather outside the reader's window, so when it's Autumn and there are leaves falling off the trees outside, the same seasonal changes are affecting Saya and Piko in the pages of the comic. João has some amazing logo designs done with "the four seasons" symbolism in mind and we've started talking about having T-shirts made because I think they'll easily sell once people see them. I'll keep you posted...

Lastly, here's a new SHIKI image for you, a little different this time around. As you've been treated to only images of Saya and Piko so far, it's now time to start showing you more of the world of SHIKI. Enjoy!


CeeCee said...

oh man, keep the shiki images coming, I think they're just about my favorite outta everything.

There's something to be seriously appreciated about beautiful economic art forms. Simplicity is key. :)

Scott Sackett said...

I gotta agree. I think I like this project best based on what we've seen. It is interesting to contrast this with the painted style of Drain.

I can't wait to see more. As for t-shirts; Hey, you can never have too many comicbook t-shirts!