Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yes, I Live

Yeah, I suck. It's been like what, two weeks since I posted here? Sorry.

Things these past ten days have been crazy. I was asked to attend Marvel'e editorial retreat, which was a lot of fun but takes up a lot of time. A number of other creators flew in for it as well, so the evenings were full of dinners and drinking. Mark Millar himself has like three parties. I think I must have eaten with Mutsumi only once or twice the whole time. (Sorry, honey.) Then, with any free time I had, I was trying my best to keep up with e-mail, polish two proposals, and finish a few scripts. Yeeeessh! I feel like I need to sleep for a week.

I'm off to Wizard World Boston tomorrow, but promise regular posting and plenty of pictures starting next week. Oh, and a Limonciello update, as that's moving along...


Greg T said...

The party never stops, does it?
Good to hear you're keeping busy.

Scott Sackett said...

I was wondering what an "editorial retreat" is like. For some reason I always picture a camp in the woods like in the horror movies.

But with ping-pong.

.just.a.ghost. said...

Damn, I forgot about Boston... You going to Seattle con with special guest star KID LAYMAN?

I think that is the next con I will make.