Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm Pathetic

I've always had my video gaming under control. I play games but don't get addicted to them. I can easily stop and turn off any game at any time. Until now.

I think it was Smitty who e-mailed me over that there was a Namco Museum 50th Anniversary collection out for XBox. And lo and behold, there is. And I now own it. And it's sucking me dry.

I make no bones about the fact I'm a Dig Dug junkie. I used to compete in a "tournament" every fall, on the original stand up machine. I was the champ for three years running. And now that I have it at home, I can't stop playing! Arrggghh!! This wasn't supposed to happen! I've got to get rid of this thing! The reason I can't put it down is because I can't even break 100,000 on this system! It's the damn controller! I need a joystick not some dumb four-way thumb button!

Mutsumi can start playing X-Men Legends again while my blister heals...

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CeeCee said...

Shadows of the Colossus is where it's at.