Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Laughing to the Bank

From Variety...

"A funny thing's happening at Paramount -- new studio president Gail Berman wants to boost its output of comedies.
"Comedy, comedy, comedy, comedy," Berman responded Tuesday when asked what kind of projects she's seeking. "I love comedies."

To that end, Berman told Daily Variety Paramount has greenlit a sequel to MTV's 2003 "Jackass the Movie," which was the studio's most profitable film that year, with a gross of $65 million; the film cost less than $5 million. The aim's to get "Jackass II" into theaters during the 2006 holiday season."

This is good news as most of the movie treatments I have are comedies, which I've always been told are harder to sell as Hollywood is still fixated to horror/suspense/thrillers. Looks like the times are a changing though! Thank you Wedding Crashers and 40 Year Old Vrigin!

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