Sunday, November 13, 2005

A New Day Has Dawned

Well, I did it. After seven months of broken promises and excuses, I finally went and joined a gym!

Healthy living, here I come!


Shannon said...

Yeah, but actually GOING is the hard part. :P It's been hard for me. Gotta get my ass down there. Bad thing is, I need to drive to my gym. Too bad it's not closer.
Best of luck CB!

Scott Sackett said...

Good luck dude!

Michelle & I have been off & on gym members for years. We finally broke down & just bought a stairmaster for the house.

If you stick with it long enough to see results it will make it easier to go. You'll be amazed how much better you feel once you start to get into shape!

Magistra said...

We have a great motivation to slim down-Ro's wedding! By July Dad and I hope to have slimmed down too. Let's make it another contest!
I'm so happy you are finally getting started on the way to better health and looks. Love, mom

hipchecker said...

I don't knwo what is more impressive - CB joining a gym or Mom in cyberspace...

CB wins!

Good luck!