Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Just Do It

I don't wear Nike sneakers, but their simple tagline still sneaks into my life. It really is one of the best marketing slogans ever when you think about it. Anyway, yesterday, I just did it.

I've been putting off writing two short 12-16 page scripts for a few months now. The artists aren't ready, so I just kept waiting. I had the stories written in my head and all I had to do was sit down and type them out, but for some reason, I just couldn't make myself do it. As more paying freelance work kept coming in, I kept making excuses that the money came first. Trouble was, I was in love with both short stories and constantly thought about them. Why couldn't I write them?

Looking at my schedule, it's gradually been filling up, which is a good thing. So I knew if I didn't write these two stories soon, I would never have the time. I had to do it. I wanted to do it. I had to get over the mental block. So yesterday I put everything else aside and started writing. And wrote and wrote and wrote. I finished the first 15 page script around and sent it off to the artist around 3PM. The second one was 14 pages and wrapped around 1:30AM. I'd done it! Wow! It felt good too!

Head down, imagination open, fingers flying... Hopefully I can be this productive everyday!

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