Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Two Comics You Must Read!

I realized I haven't recommended any comics recently, so I thought I'd talk about two new "must haves" for any collection...

BLACKSAD by Juan Diaz Canales and Guarnido
This one should be on everyone's radar already as it's been getting much-deserved hype for a while now, but as I had the French editions, I never read it in English. I was over at Skottie's in Chicago and saw he had the English versions from iBooks and made a mental note to pick them up. Simply awesome, awesome stuff! An engaging hard-boiled detective story where all the characters are animals with some of the most amazing art you'll ever see! Who knew animals could be so expressive?

MBQ by Felipe Smith
I've known Felipe for years and have always been amazed by his enthusiasm and single-minded desire to break into comics. Well, he's done it and done it with a bang. MBQ is a riot! And it's unlike anything else you'll find on the stands today. It's a semi-autobiographical story about a wannabe comic artist in L.A. and the eclectic cast of characters that surround him as he tries to live his life and get into the comic biz. It's a great hardcore slice-of-life comic, a little on the mature side, that more people should be reading! http://www.felipesmith.com

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