Thursday, December 29, 2005

Manga Bits - 12/29

I uncovered a wealth of good news and gossip while in Tokyo, but made several promises not to make most of it public just yet. A few bits I can share...

With the Witchblade anime coming from Gonzo, there will also be a Witchblade manga. It's scheduled to debut in March in the pages of monthly Champion Red from Akita Shoten. The artist will be Kazuasa Sumita, whose art you can see at his website here: But BE WARNED, like many manga-ka, Sumita-san began his career as an "adult" artist, so the site is heavy on nudity.

Kia Asamiya's JUNK is scheduled for release in English in the U.S. in 2006.

And Kia would also like his fans to know that he's doing much better after his health scare this past summer. He greatly appreciates everyone's concern and well-wishes. He's back at the drawing board and producing again, with JUNK continuing monthly in Champion Red and Kanojo No Carrera bi-weekly for now in Weekly Playboy.

Expect to see some of Square-Enix's manga titles popping up in English in 2006 as well.

A line of mini-figures based on characters from the Range Murata edited ROBOT anthology will go on sale this February.

Akira and Animatrix animator Koji Morimoto's new project is a fully animated music video for the new Hikaru Utada single, set to be released in early 2006 as a cell phone exclusive. (And for anyone who already hasn't, be sure to pick up Morimoto's amazing artbook, Orange Scrapbook.)

And lastly, on a comic book note, popular Bathing Ape designer Nigo has just produced a line of limited edition Marvel Comics sneakers and t-shirts. They're sold in blister packs!

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