Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More on Insomnia

I almost never have trouble sleeping. I usually go to bed around 2AM and fall asleep immediately. But last night was different. As soon as I start talking about insomnia here on the blog, I find involuntarily myself staying up nights.

Like last night, for example. I hit the sack at 2:10 and tossed and turned until about 3AM, I think. Then the next thing I know, I look over at the clock and it's 4AM and I'm wide awake! So I laid there for about two hours just turning over all kinds of ideas in my head, which, because I sleep with a pad and pen, I started writing down. Unfortuantely none of it had anything to do with any of the projects I'm currently working on, which my artists and editors will not be happy to hear, but I did find it extremely producuctive. So yes, not sleeping might indeed help one get a little more work done.

But boy, am I dragging ass today!

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