Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pretty Good Weekend

I was about to shut down for the evening and hit the hay when I started reflecting back on this past weekend. And to be honest, it was a pretty damn good one.

- I rewrote a short script for Marvel that had been bugging me.
- I had what I think is a great idea for a new comic series I can write somewhere down the road when I get a few other things off my plate first.
- I had a great chat with the artist of an upcoming one-shot we're working on together and the creative chat helped shake loose a few elusive plot points we needed to nail down.
- Inspiration hit for the revival of an old B-level (maybe C-level) Marvel series that I can hopefully now whip into shape and pitch in the coming months.
- I finally saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (It's still my favorite book, but I liked the Azkaban movie better.)
- I set my new record of 196,880 on Dig Dug.

I feel like I got a lot done.

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