Thursday, December 08, 2005

Spreading Some Ai

The amazing Kei Kobayashi is rolling along on my Medusa and Black Bolt story for the February shipping issue on Marvel Ai. I fell in love with his style the first time I saw it and I could not think of anyone better suited to illustrate the script I wrote. While I can't show you actual pages just yet, I thought I'd share some of the initial brush designs he did of the characters. Enjoy!

Please be sure to pre-order the issue with your local comic book retailer to avoid missing it! You can go to to find a comic shop near you.


Element X said...

Wow. Seriously. These sketches are amazing. Can't wait to see the pages!


.just.a.ghost. said...

These do look amazing, I just hope the pages and color carry the same emotion.

dad said...

cb your cats are having a wonderful time while you're in Japan. They can ice skate on the thin pool ice, sleep over night in the cold outside and eat the scraps we throw out to the wild animals.