Sunday, December 04, 2005

No Sleep = Productivity?

I recently posted about how I get a lot of ideas from my dreams... about how my sleeping actually helps my creativity. But I recently heard Martha Stewart talking about how she's an insomniac and how not sleeping actually makes her more productive. She attirubtes a lot of her success to constantly staying awake. It's an interesting point that got me thinking. Are insomniacs able to do more in life as they don't have to sleep? They get 6-8 more waking hours a day and don't get tired. Does that give them more drive? Make them more successful? On the other hand, how does the fact that they don't ever dream affect them? Does it make them less creative? Just a thought...

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Scott Sackett said...

I had some rush storyboard art I had to have done on Thanksgiving. I met with the clients the night before and planned to do them Thursday. When I got home I decided to just knock ouy the whole thing out that night.

I was up until 4:00 am, but got up my regular time of 6:00am. Theoretically, it worked out great because I wasn't tired and got the job done early.

However, I did notice I felt kind of 'sick' the next day and I ended up getting little done Fri or Sat.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep or maybe it was my Mother-in-law trying to poison me, who knows!