Monday, June 19, 2006

Dragon Watching

Unable to prowl the outdoors like country cats, the extent of Clyde and Lotto's hunting is usually limited to 99 cent toy mice that Mutsumi and I toss around the apartment for them to chase. However, they also spend countless hours perched in the windows, staring outside at all the birds that fly by and taunt them. Chirps, hoots and the flutter of wings often alert them to the birds' presence and they bound into the windows, tails wagging with their full meow on. But today, they both started going crazy staring out the living room window, but as far as we could see there was nothing out there... until closer inspection. As it first caught our eyes, it was like a big black streak that just zoomed by, but then the shape came back and hovered there in place. Both Mutsumi and I had to get up to see what it was as it was clearly not a bird. And just as we did, it landed on our air conditioner... the biggest dragonfly I had ever seen! It was about the size of a pigeon! I shit you not. The thing was enormous! The cats both lunged forward scaring it back into flight, but it continued to hover around the window driving them nuts. I wish I'd gotten a picture of this thing as it was out of control! I didn't know they could get that big! Now I'll keep watching the news for reports of mutant dragonflies terrorizing kids in Central Park.

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