Thursday, June 22, 2006

It Ain't Tone

I was up at Marvel today and finally got to see Kei Kobayashi's pages for X-Men Fairy Tales 4 that just came in. OH MY GOD! My jaw dropped! They are absolutely amazing!! I can honestly say that there is no artist working in comics today that does what he does, stylistically and/or technically. I have no idea how he gets ink to do what it does on his pages. The line weights and layering are one thing, but he creates these fine textures and gradients that even some of the artists in the office couldn't figure out. If there's one book that ever deserved a black and white version, it's this one.

I'll share pages as soon as we have scans.


PMBQ said...

Hope you can share those pages :D

I've been in town lately, but I've been too busy to meet up :( Hopefully I will glimpse you at SDCC (I'll be at my own booth for PMBQ Studios, Booth #5304); otherwise I think I will be back in New York at the end of August! said...

Hey C.B.,
I didn't know how else to contact you... We did a video interview with you & Tim Smith at WizWorld Philly. We just posted it on our website, Just go to the site and then go to the MULTIMEDIA section.
Mike Phillips

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