Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lazy Saturday

I'm home sick today. It sucks as I was supposed to head up to my buddy Mike Marts' house for a little summer BBQ action, but my chest is killing me and I'm coughing up a storm. Mutsumi's sick too with a terrible sore throat and headache, so we're both down for the count. She's been resting in bed while I've parked myself on the couch to watch the World Cup.

First off, I just noticed each World Cup game has its own custom balls. If you look closely, each ball has the names of the two teams playing that specific match. Pretty awesome!

In the first match today, Ghana upset the Czech Republic 2 to 1. It was a great game that Ghana clearly deserved to win as they outplayed the Czechs right from the kick off. This game actually took me back to my old CPM days as I had two friends there, Karel from the Czech Republic and Freddy from Ghana, who were both big soccer fans. Karl's up in Boston these days and Freddy's back in Ghana, but I'm 100% sure they were watching the game. Would have been a blast two watch it with them together. But I'm sure Freddy's partying it up at the moment, celebrating the victory, while Karel's crying in his beer. Sorry, big guy!

Old CPM memories also surfaced in the second match, the USA vs. Italy, as I kept thinking about my old pal Valerio, who's now back in Italy. Depsite all the time he spent in the States, I'm positive Val was rooting for his home team, but shitty officiating kind of ruined that match, which ended in a tie. Oh, well...

Time to go read some comics now...

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manyhats76 said...

I remember Karel and Freddy. Both nice guys. Freddy was the person who told me about the "Black Stars."

Karel and Chris were a big help when I was a QC person.

Japan needs some "BIG" help.

I just hope the "Red Demons" do well against the Swiss.