Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This Week's Comics

A bunch of people have e-mailed over asking if I still read as many comics as I used to given that I haven't posted about comics here in a bit. The answer is "Yes", I read just as much now as I always have. So before you start asking what I've been digging recently, here's what I picked up today, in no particular order...

Ultimates 2 11
Astonishing X-Men 15
New Avengers 20
Eternals 1
Ex Machina 21
Tag 1
Conan 29
The Portent 3
Star Wars Legacy 1
Star Wars Rebellion 3
Noble Causes 21
Iron Man 9
Nova 3
All Star Superman 4
Shadowpact 2
Flash 1
Superman/Batman 27
Robin 151
Casanova 1
Captain America 19
Uncanny X-Men 474
Uncanny X-Men Annual
Wolverine Origins 3
Justice 6
Haunt of Horror 2
Girls 14
Fear Agent TPB
52 Week 7
BLAME! Vol. 4
Naruto Vol. 10
Monster Vol. 3

1 comment:

David Press said...

what'd you think of Flash? I was rather...iffy with it. Ultimates was good and Kyle Baker was awesome on yours I've given that issue to my God son who loves that stuff. He's three, and if I have anything to say about it--will be rabid comic fan.