Thursday, June 15, 2006

Newly Inspired!

Well, I'm thinking about getting back into the blogging game again! I had a little crisis of faith (more on that some other day) in mid-April and that's why my blogging kind of slowed to a near halt over the past few months, with only a few random self-promotional posts appearing here and there. However, I feel like I have to get back on the wagon again. And credit where credit is due, I have Tom Brevoort to thank for my newfound inspriation. He just started his Blah Blah Blog over on and has been posting like a madman. All his posts have been enjoyable and enlightening and he's encouarged me to start talking again. (But only after I finish my scripts for him!) Thanks, Tom!

So my babbling starts again! Updates on work and life, reviews, quotes, recipes, drunken rants, whatever... it will all be back!

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Chris Arrant said...

Breevort really got a good head of steam posting his timed updates like that. It was eye-opening.