Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Grub in Charlotte, NC?

Alright, time to put the power of the internet to the test!

I'm heading down to Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Con this weekend. I hear it's an amazing convention and it should be a lot of fun!! I'm looking forward to seeing anyone else on this list who's heading down there.

Now for me, trips to conventions are about two things... comics and FOOD!! As you can tell by looking at the size of me, I love to eat and there's nothing I like more than chowing down at local eateries wherever I travel. I've gotten pretty good over the years, knowing where to get the best cheesesteaks in Philly, fish tacos in San Diego and hot dogs in Chicago. However, this is my first trip to Heroes Con and I need your help!

Where do I go to get good grub in Charlotte?!

Bear in mind, I'm not a classy guy. I don't need recommendations for five star restaurants. I want to know where the down home, off the beaten path, greasy spoon joints are. I wanna eat where the locals eat. And I eat anything, so don't hold back. Grease, spice and calories do not scare me!

I assume BBQ is gonna be on the menu. I've heard all about these amazing NC mustard based sauces. Which place does it best? What else do you think I would enjoy? What do I have to try before I head back to NYC?

Hook me up, folks!!


Tony Shasteen said...

You'll get your fill of Fuel pizza across the street.

I believe I'll be trying out this one though. I've heard good things...

There are a few more I can't remember the name of but I'll pass them along at the show. See ya there.


Tony Shasteen said...
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