Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ah, Albuquerque

I just downloaded a blast from the past, the classic New Order album Substance. Yes, a lot of these songs have become much more popular over time thanks to Adam Sandler movie soundtracks and bad punk remakes, but this is a truly amazing collection of music. Takes me back to my teens when I spent a little time in New Mexico and had the time of my life. Ah, the good old days... but for anyone who hasn't listened to this album in a while, I highly recommend you pop it into your player of choice and enjoy the electonica of old!


Lea Hernandez said...

Who did the art for your profile pic? It's adorable! I totally want a Power Pack that looks like that!

And hi. I'm not a spammer.

Redddfive said...

I beleive it is Gurihuru.

There was a series that he did the art for. I think it ran 4 issues and is collected in a digest size trade.