Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Marvel Tease Two

As traffic here seems to be way up thanks to the Newsarama article, I think it's time for a second tease of my upcoming Marvel project...


mytymark said...

hi c.b. thats a fantastic looking preview!!! there's a bit of an adam warren feel to the art...is he the artist?:)

oh, and great interview over at newsarama. i'm really glad you decided to finally come back actively again. and with an arsenal of new projects to boot. and i respect the fact that you're a fellow manga/japan junkie as well!!!! sore wa hontou ni sugoi desu!!!:)

Ray Dillon said...

Wow, that's pretty sweet, man. Has a lot of life to it. I like the little details with the hands facing slightly different directions. Face and eyes are really cool, too. And, of course, the crazy fingernails and costume.

Lookin' forward to seeing more on this.