Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Don't Blame Me

I've been trying to finish a script for the past two days that's just been kicking my ass. I must've rewritten it three times already. It's only 11 pages, but it's the short ones that can be the biggest bitch sometimes. All my attention has been focused there so I forgot to blog. Sorry. I'm gonna just drop you a few quick pics now and hopefully I can finish this script before morning or my editor is gonna kill me. More soon...


Greg T said...

I enjoy short stories because it really opens the door for ingenuity.

Take a strip like Calvin and Hobbes, or Peanuts, for example. They’re an even shorter narrative then the comic book, but they effectively convey a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

I’ve seen a lot of inventive storytelling happen due to the fact that a writer and/or artist only had a limited amount of space to establish and execute ideas. It’s part of why I love the medium so much.

Knock it out of the park, man.

Ray Dillon said...

CATS!! ;o)

Those yours?

Good luck with the script. I'm having the same issues finishing my new novel (before I start the next one for National Novel Writing Month in Novemeber).