Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Chicago Bound

I'll be heading to Chicago later this week for The Reactor convention, which is a great show that tries to blend Japanese and Western pop culture into a wonderful weekend event. You can check out their site at www.thereactor.org. It's being held at this place called "the purple hotel", and whenever they mentioned it to me I thought was a nickname for it... but it actually is The Purple Hotel! Me, Takeshi Miyazawa, Rivkah, Felipe Smith, Skottie Young, Mark Robinson and a lot lot of other cool folk will be hanging out, so for anyone in the Chicago area, please feel free to stop by. I don't have a confirmed schedule yet, but it looks like I'll be doing at least two panels:

SATURDAY: 3 PM -> Future of Manga in America
A guest round-table panel with C.B Cebulski, Takeshi Miyazawa, Melly Curphy, Rivkah and Felipe Smith discussing the future of Manga in America. Q & A with opinions and comments exchanged between guests and con-goers.

SUNDAY: 10 AM -> Comics World With Takeshi and C.B.
A colloboration panel with long-time friends and colleagues C.B. and Takeshi, discussing anything anyone would like to talk about.

Also, on Thursday night, I hear we'll be at a place called Hogs and Honeys downtown where they'll be buying me shots trying to get me to ride the mechanical bull. I held out last year, but will I be able to do it again this year?!

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Scott Sackett said...

Do I see another pair of ripped jeans in your future?

Cons could be hard on your wardrobe!