Monday, October 17, 2005

TV Thoughts

I read this this morning and it kinda shocked me: "NBC giving a full-season pickup to its fantasy-mystery drama series Surface."

I was sure this show was getting the axe. I stopped watching 10 minutes in to episode 2 and never looked back. I had high hopes for it but was utterly disappointed. So while I'm at it, here's some other musing on the current TV slate...

New Shows

Invasion - I went to a panel and saw the first episode in San Diego. It was some of the worst writing and acting I'd ever seen. I do not know how this show get by. I continue to laugh at the ads.

Threshold - Gave up after two episodes.

My Name Is Earl - A new favorite. Hillbilly humor with heart.

Prison Break - I'm a loyal viewer. You have to suspend reality a bit while you watch it but it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

How I Met Your Mother - Fun stuff. Doogie rocks!

Rome - Really enjoying this. It just keeps getting better ever week.

Extras - Wasn't too into it but kept watching as Ricky Gervais cracks me up. This last ep with Sam Jackson was hilarious though. I'll keep watching.

Returning Shows

Medium - This is Mutsumi's show and Patricia Arquette should not have won the Emmy, but season two has actually been a vast improvement over season one.

Law and Order - I miss Jerry Orbach, but Dennis Farina's doing a good job. My least favorite of the three L&O series, but it's the original and still solid so it continues to be a must watch for me.

L&O: Criminal Intent - Detective Goran is one of my favorite TV characters ever, so when D'Onoforio went on break I didn't think I'd keep watching, but Chris Noth and Annabelle Sciorra are doing a great job.

L&O: SVU - Moving a bit away from the actual crimes and focusing more of the characters these last few eps, but the acting is just so damn good!

Desperate Housewives - Still enjoying the twists and turns on this one. I continue to hate Edie and Bree is better than ever.

Grey's Anatomy - Fell in love with this the first season and it just gets better IMO.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - This season's episodes have been some of the funniest yet. Larry David kills.

CSI - Haven't watched CSI since season one (except for the QT ep) but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.

Boston Legal - I miss some of the old cast members but David E, Kelley still keeps this fun.

And then there are my MTV/VH1 addictions, Breaking Bonaduce, Laguna Beach, Sweet Sixteen and Best Week Ever. You can laugh but you know you're watching too!


"crusher" said...

You need to try Veronica Mars, CB.

Franky said...
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Franky said...

I love My Name is Earl.

I like what I've seen of Threshold but I usually only see 20 minutes of it as I'm running out the door on a Friday night.

I'm really really psyched to see Boondocks the daily strip totally cracks me up.

C.B. Cebulski said...

Since I missed the first season of Veronica Mars, I'm waiting for the DVDs to come on Netflix. Nip/Tuck and The Shield are also DVD shows for me.

Scott Sackett said...

Breaking Bonaduce is one of the few shows I watch. Holy cow that guy's a train wreck! Just goes to show you money & fame don't REALLY mean a thing.

Still I have a sneaking feeling a lot of that show is an act on Bonaduce's part, maybe without VH1's knowledge.

Still, Bonaduce kinda reminds me of an uncle of mine!

Ray Dillon said...

Ha! Yeah, I've been watching "Breaking Bonaduce," too! The guy is nuts.

And even if he is acting, the fact that he would go so far as to jump out of cars in LA traffic, slit his wrists, break glasses over his head, yadda-yadda, means he's pretty darn crazy.