Sunday, December 14, 2008


At times it seems like the Japanese breweries release new beers on a weekly basis. And I usually make it my mission to try as many as possible while I'm here!

I'm only two days in to this trip, but I already have a new favorite, STRONG SEVEN...

Most Japanese beers, like my beloved Asahi Super Dry, contain 5% alcohol. However, the new trend here has been to start releasing stronger beers with higher alcohol contents. So far, this new entry from Kirin, clearly named for its 7% potency, is leading the pack. Unlike the other higher percentage beers now on the market, this one has a smooth, crisp taste that doesn't overpower your palette like some of the others do. Highly recommended!

My favorite can design so far goes to Clear Asahi, whose tallboys are made to look "clear", so you can try and imagine you're holding a glass of frosty brew...

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