Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Doesn't Kill You...

Ever since The Simpsons brought fugu, the oh so deadly blowfish, to the attention of mainstream America, people have been asking me if I've ever eaten it. And when I tell them I have and that I really enjoy it, some folks still think I'm screwing with them. I posted pics from one of our earlier fugu meals a few weeks back, but here are a few other images looking at it from a different perspective... from the supermarket. Yes, fugu always has to be prepared by a licensed chef here in Japan, but that doesn't mean they can't cut fast, package and sell it for general consumption. So here's a look at the different forms you can buy it in at the market, especially now around New Years when it's very popular. The two most common ways fugu is served are as 'tesa', which is when it's sliced and eaten raw as sashimi, and 'techiri' where it's made into a stew. But those aren't the only ways it's prepared and you can pretty much cook and serve it just like you would any other fish once it's cleaned. You can even buy "the guts" for about $40.00 if you wanna really live dangerously!

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