Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The last two days have been pretty quiet, to be honest, so there wouldn't have been much to write anyway...

Took my daily morning walks for the newspapers and breakfast.
Spent a lot of time online catching up on e-mail and work as this isn't just a vacation.
Actually took an afternoon nap yesterday which was nice.
Read the new issues of Wired and Fast Company.
Finished Battlestar Galactica Season Two.
Finally bought that new vacuum cleaner, went with a Toshiba.
Picked up our dry cleaning.
Talked to my parents on Skype.
Chatted with my sister on Facebook.
Ate at Aidoru, which could not have been better!
Bought these fantastic new Oreo cookie bars.
Finalized a lot of my meetings and appointments for Tokyo next week.
Drank a lot of tea.

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