Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Food Fest

In addition to my Japanese baked breakfast treats, my mother made an omelet stuffed with suji, which is beef tendon and tastes SO MUCH better than it sounds, konnyaku ( and scallions.

Dinner was a feast of sashimi (chu-toro, kanpachi, hotate, tako and katsuo) and shabu shabu, which is a traditional Japanese dish where you cook meat and vegetables in a hot pot ( Apologies in advance for the poor pic...

My mother-in-law also found some simply AMAZING kimchi at a Korean market, some of the best I've ever had. Not too sour or tart, not too spicy... it was just perfect!

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Chrispy said...

HEY CB! wassup man it's Chris (the black one, LOL) didn't know you were such the food critic, and you seemto have a diverse pallette too, LOL. Just stopping by to say wassup man, drop by and check out some of my new stuff, PEACE, and I'll see you in NY.