Sunday, May 22, 2005

Best. Festival. Ever.

We watch a lot of Food Network here and recently there's been a whole slew of shows about different food festivals that take place around the country. Chili Festivals, BBQ Festivals, Chowder Festivals... you name it, there's a festival for it. So Mutsumi and I have been planning to try and visit a few now that we have the time. Then just yesterday I found out about one food festival we are DEFINITELY hitting up... The National Buffalo Wing Festival!!! Oh, yeah, I'm all over this one. It's Labor Day weekend in, of course, Buffalo, New York. You can check out the offical website here for all the details. A three day celebration honoring my favorite food!

My favorite event... Bobbing for Buffalo Wings! They fill a kiddie pool with blue chesse dressing and toss in wings so you can dunk in and grab them with your teeth. Count me in!


RobSchwager said...

take pictures, PLEASE!

C.B. Cebulski said...

Mutsumi will have to take the pictures as I'll be participating!