Monday, May 02, 2005

Link of the Day: Mister Beer

During the days of the internet boom, one of the things I thought would be cool to do was set up a website that spotlighted all the American movie stars who "secretly" appear in Japanese commercials for millions of dollars. I heard a while back that some guy had beat me to it and done it but had then been sued by many of the Japanese companies as well as the stars themselves for putting up all the videos. Now I find out that it's back and better than ever!

Check out Japander here!

It's comphrensive as hell and has most of my old favorites - Sly Stallone hawking ham, Dennis Hopper pushing bubble bath and Arnold with Rie Miyazawa selling energy drinks. The only one they're missing is Charles Barkley's Buta Kimchi Super Cup ad, but I think I still have it on tape somewhere.

I was really thrilled to find out that they had all the Harrison Ford Kirin Beer ads.

Click here to see Han Solo tossing down some cold ones!

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