Thursday, May 19, 2005

Catholicism vs. The Force

So last night I'm standing in line for Star Wars with one of my buds, who shall remain nameless here. He's on the phone with his wife and tells us she says hello. Given where we were, I jokingly shoot back with a "May The Force Be With You" comment. He then hangs up and tells us, "She says 'And also with you'", which we didn't think anything of... until later when we're in the theater.

We get in and grab our seats and are chatting when all of a sudden my bud is like, "Wait a sec... 'And also with you'?! That's not the right reply. You said "May The Force Be With You" , not "Peace Be With You"!"

So yes, it seems that his wife has been spending a little too much time in church and not enough time with the Jedi.

Now all you ladies married to Star Wars fans take note, it's proper etiquette (and common knowledge) that you respond to "May The Force Be With You" with a simple "May The Force Be With You" back.

Not that I ever say that at home or anything...

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