Tuesday, May 10, 2005

CBC Has Been SOL

Sorry for the delay in posting anything new, but we've moved on from Trinidad to Tobago. As the title of the post indicates, when it comes to getting an internet connection in these more remote West Indies islands, I've been shit out of luck. After assurances that the hotel would have a high-speed internet connection, that's not the case. The connection "has been down" and fixing it's not a very pressing matter, it seems. The air conditioning also just blew and I truly hope they fix that first. And we're staying at the Hilton, mind you. I bet this wouldn't happen if Paris was here.

Anyway, I'm in an internet cafe place now and can post a few things, but when I get back to Trinidad tomorrow, I'll set up my laptop and regale you with the posts and notes I've been keeping along the way. Tales of Michael Bolton, facts about KFC, random ramblimgs about 80s' pop... it's all coming!

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