Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Skullboy Comes Home

skullboy, originally uploaded by C.B. Cebulski.

I'm happy to inform all my readers that the one-of-a-kind Mighty Skullboy Army candy dish is now back in my possession. A fixture in my Marvel office until MacKenzie gave up sugar, the dish was put to good use in the Brevoort office until recently. Marvel's move to newer, classier offices prompted the editorial team to begin using a bigger and swankier, albeit inferior, candy dish in their upgraded digs. Rather than let Skullboy collect dust and wallow in obscurity, he is now back in action here in the confines of my new home office.

For those not in the know, The Mighty Skullboy Army is one of the funniest comics out there today. Written and drawn by Jacob Chabot, who also did the original design on the candy dish for a small fortune, MSA is a comic you should all be reading. Check out the website at for more info.

Jacob will be set up in Artists Alley at Wizard World Philadelphia next weekend , June 3-5, so please drop by and see him. Hopefully he'll have a new Skullboy mini comic on sale. Check it out!

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