Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Trinidad Day One (or Night One)

It's gonna be a short update tonight as I just found out I have to be up to do a live talk show on TV here in Trinidad at 6:30AM tomorrow. Ah, the price of fame... :) And the term "high speed internet" leaves something to be desired here.

Not much to report though. We're here. Flight was cool. Hotel is nice. It's hot as hell.

So we get on the plane and take off. It was a little bumpy at first but smoothed out quickly. They served us drinks and we found out that although we needed our passports and are travelling to a foreign country, Continental does not consider this an "international flight". We ended up shelling out five bucks a pop for Bloody Marys. Oh, well...

Then we get settled in and the stewardess comes on the speakers. "Ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to announce today's featured video presentation will be the blockbuster action hit... ELEKTRA!" Arrrggghh!! No! Of all the luck...

I read the Star Wars articles in Time and Wired instead. Great stuff! Episode III is going to kick so much ass! Remember, it's Cebulski guaranteed!

I slept a few hours but woke up for dinner service. Yes, they still serve food on some planes, I guess. I was surprised as well. And I have to say, it was one of the best meals I've ever had on a flight! It was a sliced BBQ pork sandwich with manchego or gruyere and it was really damn good! And instead of ketchup or mayo, they gave us Cholula hot sauce in the little packs. Awesome! I even complimented the stewardess on her culinary skills.

We landed. The guy at Immigration was a dick and Customs took forever. We eventually made it to the hotel and had a light dinner. We hit the Carnivale Bar for cocktails and tried a selection of local beers. I prefered Stag and Carib, both lighter beers but both $1.50 U.S. each. You can't beat that! Mutsumi had a Trini Cosmo which was rather potent.

Now it's off to bed. I haven't been up before 8AM in years. This should be fun...

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