Thursday, August 04, 2005

Change of Tune

I've always hated Starbucks. Their coffee sucks and it's way overpriced. I live in New York; why would I pay four bucks for a large coffee (oh, excuse me... I meant "venti"), when I can go to the corner bodega and get a cup for 75 cents?! And for those three quarters, they'll even put my milk and sugar in it for me! None of this do-it-yourself bullshit where you have to take the lid off and open sugar packets and stirrers. So you'd never catch me in Starbucks... until now. Until I discovered their Green Tea Lemonade!

Down in Key West, the house we were staying at didn't have high-speed internet, but the Starbucks right down the street had a wireless connection. So I had to suck it up and head down there to check my e-mail and surf the net. But I felt guilty just sitting there without ordering something, and that guilt forced me to spend some money to use the evill empire's bandwith. No way in hell I was drinking their coffee though, so I looked for something else on the menu. And there it was... a nice, refreshing, ice-cold lemonade with green tea mixed in. The perfect summer beverage! And now I'm addicted!

Damn you, Starbucks! You couldn't get me with your coffee, but you still found a way to take my money!


"crusher" said...

you wouldnt last two seconds in seattle with that attitude, son!

hipchecker said...

God bless Dunkin' Donuts! Small cups are available, flavors for free, and they will add cream and sugar..oh, and it's much cheaper than the Evil Empire!

Scott Sackett said...

Yeah, the worst thing about Starbucks is those stupid names for sizes. Pu-leeze, could we be a little more pretentious!