Tuesday, August 16, 2005

An Eyeopener - Part Two

"A Question of Time"

(Phew, I panicked for second there because I couldn't find any Depeche Mode on my iTunes. Got it now!)

I have ideas falling out of my head. I can't get them down on paper or type them out on this keyboard fast enough. I have to carry a pad with me everywhere I go. I sleep with a pen and notebook by the bed. Ever since I put the burden of a full-time job behind me, it's like my mind has opened up and stories, characters, plots, dialogue, jokes, situations... it's all come pouring out.

Forget writer's block, my worry now is "How the hell am I supposed to write all this stuff?"

Comics. Screenplays. Books. I just have to start getting it all down in one format or another. I used to think I'd never have the outlets to get my writing read or seen. Now I just have to figure out what medium to put it down in and what I should work on first. It's an amazing feeling on one hand, but incredibly frustrating on the other.


Shannon said...

I LOVE that feeling, that you're head is full of ideas and you can't get them written down fast enough. I also always carry a notepad and pen everywhere. :)

Jamie Coville said...

Hi C.B.

I'd like to interview you. Can you shoot me an e-mail at jcoville at kingston dot net? I'll give you more details via e-mail.

Thanks for your time.

Jamie Coville

hipchecker said...

Doood...it's called a voice recorder! You can pick one up at Staples for like $30 bucks. Or buy an adapter for your iPod.

Shannon said...


I've got one of those too. But, the way my voice sounds in my head and when I play it back...hehe :)