Thursday, August 04, 2005

Knuckles, Here I Come

I'm sitting here waiting for a car to the airport. Today I'm off to Wizard World Chicago, my next-to-last summer convention. (Toronto wraps the season for me.) For anyone going, you can most likely find me hanging out at the Marvel booth or in Artist's Alley scoping new talent. After show hours, I will of course be at Knuckles Sports Bar in the Hyatt.

I'll also be making trips to Portillo's for chili cheese dogs, Ricobene's for breaded steak sandwiches and Giordano's for deep dish pizza. Anyone's free to join me. The more, the merrier. Ah, I love Chicago eats!


Scott Sackett said...

Hey CB are you going to Wizard World Texas?

RobSchwager said...

Did you stop off at my folks house for some hasenpfeffer?