Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fall Movies

Taking a break from a script, I just read EW's Fall Movie Preview and then checked out a few trailers online. The summer movie season may have sucked balls, but it looks like we have an amazing autumn ahead of us. My picks:

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Shane Black is back and it looks like he has not skipped a beat!

Domino - Word has it the Richard Kelly script is amazing and the trailer really kicks ass. Classic Walken!

Thumbsucker - A great ensemble cast in one of those quirky coming-of-age movies I love so much.

An Unfinished Life - Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman, you can't go wrong. I'll cry.

Shopgirl - One I would have skipped if I didn't see the trailer. Love Steve Martin and the dialogue is pretty witty.

Revolver - Another Guy Ritchie British mob movie, which always entertain.

And then there are of course the bigger movies (aka "fanboy films") that go without saying: Corpse Bride, Elizabethtown, Serenity, Aeon Flux, V for Vendetta, Narnia and King Kong. Should be a fun time at the theaters!

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