Sunday, August 28, 2005

Frodo in Chesterfest

In Toronto on Saturday, I finished a nice lunch and was heading back to the con as I had a panel to do. I wanted to stop by and see Skottie and Josh and get my bag before going to the panel as I wanted to take a few pictures at it to post here. But I got waylayed on the con floor and decided to go right to the panel instead as I figured there wouldn't really be anything exciting to take pictures of anyway. My mistake...

When the panel wrapped up, I went back to the VIP room to use the washroom (as they say in Canada) and grab some water. And no sooner do I walk in than the show's organizer Aman grabs me and tells me there's someone he'd like me to meet. He leads me over to this kid playing a guitar and says, "Elijah, I'd like you to meet my friend C.B."

And Frodo Baggins himself looked up from the guitar. It was Elijah Wood!

He put down the guitar, shook my hand and introduced himself. Then he asked what I do and we got into a nice conversation about comics and movies. I haven't met many celebrities in my life, but Elijah was such and honest and cool guy. No ego whatsoever, just a normal dude hanging out at a show, complaining about how much money he spent buying stuff and worried about how he was going to get it all home with him. He even asked if I could get him a job wiritng comics if his movie career ended up not going anywhere. I told him I didn't think he had to worry about that happening.

I then geeked out a little and told him I would love to get a picture with him, but that I just had to run up and grab my camera. (Arrgghh!! If only I went to get it before going to the panel!) He said he had to run but could hang out and wait a few minutes. I fought my way through the fans, got my backpack and rushed back downstairs, but to no avail. He'd just jumped in a limo and jetted. Oh, well... I'm going to see if Nick Lowe can't work his Photoshop magic and get a pic done up of me and Frodo for you all.

Oh, and as I met Sean Astin about a year ago (that's a story I'll save for a rainy day for you), I've decided one of my new goals in life is to try and meet all the hobbits from Lord of The Rings. With Frodo and Samwise now down, I have Merry, Pippin and Bilbo to go. Anyone got any phone numbers or addresses?


Jonathan Ellis said...

Great Seeing you again C.B.


C.B. Cebulski said...

Nice to see you again too, Jonathan. Thanks for all your help at the con and panels!

Greg T said...

Why is he complaining about spending a bunch of money?


Greg T said...

...He did a good job in Sin City. Frodo eating people is definitely a change of pace.

Scott Sackett said...

That's the beauty of a camera phone!