Monday, August 15, 2005

Random Comic Thoughts

A sampling of my weekend reading...

Punisher 19-24 - This is the best Punisher has been in years! A simply amazing arc that started with an idea I'm surprised no on had ever thought of and just took off from there. Read this book!

Fables - This series continues to get better month after month. Consisently one of the best books on the stands. I put every issue down and go "Wow!"

Batman; War Crimes - DC has actually stepped it up a bit on this arc, I have to say. I have not been a big fan of what's been going on in the Bat Universe over the past six months, but this story is pretty tight, even if it is based on an older storyline. Better writing, much better art, and amazing Jock covers! But why did they have to go an add that idiotic word balloon on his awesome Joker piece?!

Winter Men - I've been waiting for ths one for a while and it does not disappoint. A pretty complex story that takes some getting into to, but the J.P. Leon art kicks ass.

New Warriors - Zeb and Skottie are really firing on all cylinders here and are winning over even the most diehard old skool New Warriors fans. Funny as hell and visually dynamic. They nailed this one!

Ultimates Annual - The curse of the shitty annuals is broken! Millar and Dillon team up for an inside elook into the Ulitmates that's just as compelling as any of the regular issues of the series.

Iron Man 4 - Worth the wait! To be honest, I thought the start of this arc was a little slow, but this issue was a kick in the ass it needed. Wow, it all comes together now! Click. I totally see what Warren is doing in his examination of Tony Stark and Iron Man now. And the Adi art is breathtaking as always!


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