Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chesterfest Limonciello - The Ingredients

For anyone who wants to join in the fun, here's what you'll need to make your own Limonciello...

10 Fresh Lemons
One Bottle of Grain Alcohol
One Mason Jar
700 Grams of Sugar
One Liter of Water

Graves Grain Alcohol! The name says it all. 190 proof?! I honestly don't think I've bought grain alcohol since high school when we used to dare each other to do straight shots as it was supposed to make you go blind. What the hell were we thinking?! You know that clip that's been going around the internet of the kid who sets his face on fire doing a flaming shot and dunks his head in the toilet? Well I saw that live before my eyes a few times about 17 years ago courtesy of this stuff! Ah, the good old days...


Greg T said...

This blog gets better everyday!

Scott Sackett said...

A good friend drank some (i.e. a LOT) grain alcohol at a party in high school.

He ended up driving loaded, getting chased by the cops, blowing through a roadblock (or two) and getting shot in the head with a .38 revolver.

Then the cops beat the dog-piss outta him!

The hospital he ended up in said he had the highest blood acohol of anyone they had ever seen. Well, on anybody who lived!

That grain alcohol is potent stuff. But it didn't make him blind.

lobo said...

The correct spelling is "Limoncello"

Greets from Italy ! :)


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